Asia Millions

In Asia there has long been a history of gambling in many of the countries on this continent. Recently we have seen Macau become known as the Asian Las Vegas or the "new gaming capital of the world" as millions of Asians flock to the city. Asian games that have proved popular are games like Fan Tan and Pai Gow and with many online casinos offering the latter, the chance to win millions is nearer than many think. Asia Millions will look at a selection of different platforms where these games can be found, provide details of some of the online casinos that offer the games and provide a quick guide on how to player.

Macau (澳門) has also been called the "Monte Carlo" of the Orient with gambling tourism generates a massive 50% of the economy, bringing the phrase "Asia Millions" to mind. In 2007 Macau outstripped the gaming revenue generated by Las Vegas. Westernised gaming in Macau was introduced in the 20th century but prior to this Asia millions were only made on games like Fan Tan.

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Gambling in Macau is divided into three different areas; casino games, greyhound racing and horse racing although Asia millions are also won on a number of lotteries.

Lotteries available in Asian countries include games like:

Millions are won in Asia each and every year playing in a variety of lottery games available. OK, so it may not be on the scale of Europe's EuroMillions game, but a lottery win is a lottery win, no matter where it comes from!