Taiwan Lottery

The Taiwan Lottery was founded in 2006 to help raise funds for the underprivileged people of the country. Thanks to more than 1,200 public welfare and charity projects, it has already benefited more than 7.5 million individuals and generated well over NT$5.4 billion.

Taiwanese lottery fans can enjoy a host of exciting games, which all go towards good causes and also provide the opportunity to win great prizes. Find out about games such as the Power Lottery, Big Lotto and Daily Cash 39 below.

Power Lottery

Taiwan's Power Lottery, also known as Power Color or Super Lotto, is a game that takes place every Monday and Thursday night and offers the chance to win a huge prize.

To play Super Lotto, pick six numbers from 1 to 38 in the first selection area on your slip, then a another number from 1 to 8 on the second area. It costs NT$100 for a single bet.

You will win, or share, the jackpot if you match all seven of the winning numbers that are drawn. If nobody wins, the top prize will accumulate and an even larger amount will be offered in the next draw.

There are also several other ways to win, so you can pick up a prize by matching fewer numbers. See the following table for all the prize information.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Prize
1 6 + Bonus Jackpot - 89% of prize pool*
2 6 Second Prize - 11% of prize pool*
3 5 + Bonus NT$150,000
4 5 NT$20,000
5 4 + Bonus NT$4,000
6 4 NT$800
7 3 + Bonus NT$400
8 2 + Bonus NT$200
9 3 NT$100
10 1 + Bonus NT$100

*The fixed prizes for the third to tenth categories are paid out before the rest of the prize pool is allocated according to the percentages shown above.

Big Lotto

Big Lotto requires you to select six numbers from 1 to 49 and is also known as Lotto 6/49. Draws are held on Tuesday and Friday nights and entry costs NT$50.

A special number is also drawn from the remaining 43 numbers that are left after the first six have been selected, helping to create a total of total of eight prize categories. You can see all the prize details in the table below.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Prize
1 6 Jackpot - 82% of prize pool*
2 5 + Special Number Second Prize - 6.5% of prize pool*
3 5 Third Prize - 7% of prize pool
4 4 + Special Number Fourth Prize - 4.5% of prize pool
5 4 NT$2,000
6 3 + Special Number NT$1,000
7 2 + Special Number NT$400
8 3 NT$200

*The fixed prizes for the fifth to eighth categories are paid out before the rest of the prize pool is allocated according to the percentages shown above.

Daily Cash 39

Daily Cash 39, sometimes called Jin Cai 39, is a game where you can win prizes for matching as few as two of the five winning numbers that are drawn between 1 and 39. Draws take place every day from Monday to Saturday, as no games are held on Sundays. Entry costs NT$50 per bet.

All of the prize amounts for Daily Cash 39 are fixed amounts, as you can see in the table below. However, if there are more than three winners of the jackpot, their prize will have to be reduced as there is a maximum total payout of NT$24 million.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Prize
1 5 NT$8 million
2 4 NT$20,000
3 3 NT$300
4 2 NT$50

Other Lotteries in Taiwan

There are several other games in Taiwan, with draws held throughout the week. You can take part in Win-Win, which is an All or Nothing-style game, the Keno-themed Bingo Bingo, Pick 3 or Pick 4. There's also 49 Le He Lottery, 38 Music Lottery and 39 Happy Lottery.

You don't even have to be a lottery fan to win big in Taiwan. The country's Receipt Lottery, or Uniform Invoice Lottery, is a way you can be rewarded just for buying products or using services. All you need to do is make sure you keep your receipts, as they will each contain an eight-digit code.

Winning codes will then be drawn every couple of months. The Uniform Invoice Lottery is managed by the country's Ministry of Finance.