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There are a number of popular Asian casino online games available at a number of casinos on the internet and here we look at the games, how to play and list a couple of casinos that boast them. From Pai Gow Poker, the poker version of the popular domino game to the tile game Mahjong and Dolphin Paradise, an exciting slot version of the popular game Pachinko, we'll be taking a quick look at all these Asian casino games.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is available to play at a number of online casinos including Europa Casino. This game is less than 30 years old and is based on the ancient game of dominos played by the Chinese. In contrast to a normal poker game where a player plays one hand at a time this Asian casino game requires that two hands are made from seven cards. A little bit of luck is required but the main essence needed is skill when playing this game.

Each player receives seven cards from the deal and has to make a “high hand” (5 cards) and a “low hand” (2 cards). The high hand must outrank the low hand or a forfeit of the bet is likely. The object of the game is for both hands to beat those held by the dealer.


Eurogrand Casino offers a range of Asian Casino Games including the tile game, Mahjong. This is one of the oldest Chinese games but recently we have seen many casinos online offer it to their player. Skill, luck and speed are required in Mahjong as players compete with others to create winning combinations.

The aim of Mahjong online is to build hands that contain 1 “eye” which is 2 identical tiles that match in suite and value and 4 “sets” which can be 3 tiles in sequence or 3 / 4 identical tiles. A player starts with either 13 or 16 tiles and must pick up or throw away a tile until a full hand has been dealt.

Eurogrand Casino offers 2 variations of the game – Solo Mahjong and Solo Mahjong Pro.

Dolphin Paradise / Pachinko

This is another of the Asian Casino Games that can be found at Eurogrand. Based on the Japanese version of the Pachinko game where a slot machine meets a pinball game, Dolphin Paradise boasts three reels and three paylines that are either vertical or diagonal. There are a selection of mini games with Dolphin Paradise which offer bonuses like extra spins. You can play Pachinko online here


Online Scratchcards are, of course, not unique to Asia. So Asian players can seek out one of the many great online casino sites that offer games specific for the region, along with a lot of the games listed above. A good place to start would be which features the 'fortune, health and wealth' 777 scratchie