Shanghai Fengcai Lottery

The Shanghai Fengcai Lottery began operating in June 2000, selling tickets at approximately 600 locations throughout the municipality. When the contract was awarded to provide the online lottery, to Automated Wagering International, it was considered a ground-breaking moment in Asian lottery history.

Nowadays, the Shanghai Welfare Lottery offers a variety of different games, with the proceeds from ticket sales helping to support low-income households and communities. Go to the China Welfare Lottery page to find out about the most popular games played across the country.

You can also play the following games in Shanghai:

Oriental + 1

In Oriental + 1, or East + 1, six winning digits from 0 to 9 are selected, alongside one of the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac. Draws take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights, and it costs 2 yuan per bet.

You need to match all six numbers and the animal to win the jackpot, but you can also win prizes for matching fewer numbers. The top prize rolls over if nobody wins and can be worth hundreds of millions of yuan.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Prize Amount
1 6 and the Zodiac 80% of the jackpot*
2 6 20% of the jackpot*
3 5 and the Zodiac 10,000 yuan
4 5 500 yuan
5 4 and the Zodiac 50 yuan
6 1 to 3 numbers and the Zodiac 5 yuan

*This is allocated to the top two categories after the fixed prizes are paid out

Daily Selection Lottery

In the Daily Lottery, you can win up to 10,000 yuan if you match four digits from 0 to 9 in the correct order. There are also a number of other fixed prizes if you have selected to try and match the numbers in any order. Here are the different prize amounts and ways to win.

Prize Category How to win Prize Amount
1 Match the numbers in the correct order 10,000 yuan
2 Match the numbers in any order - Group 4 (three of your numbers are the same and the other is different, e.g. 1114) 2,500 yuan
3 Match the numbers in any order - Group 6 (two sets of repeated numbers, e.g. 4488) 1,600 yuan
4 Match the numbers in any order - Group 12 (two numbers the same, and two unique, e.g.0035) 800 yuan
5 Match the numbers in any order - Group 24 (four different numbers, e.g. 1234) 400 yuan

In the Daily Selection Lottery, a total of 21 sets of winnings numbers are selected. The 21st set is the one that determines the main prizes shown in the table above. However, you can also win other prizes by matching the other chosen sets, either in exactly the right order or any order.

5 out of 15

5 out of 15 is a simple game which requires you to select five numbers from 1 to 15. The cost per entry is 2 yuan, and draws are held every day. You need to match all five numbers to win the first prize, while there is also a second prize of 10 yuan if you match four numbers out of five.

A special award is also up for grabs. This consists of 17 percent of the jackpot amount (with the rest going to the first prize) and rolls over if nobody wins. To land the special award, at least four of the winning numbers must be consecutive.