Asian Lotteries

What better way to make your millions then playing in any of the number of the many Asian Lotteries. There are a number of different lottery games available in multiple countries and here we will take a quick look at just a couple of the Asian Lotteries; details of the game and what sort of prize pools are available.

The Japan Jumbo Draw

This lottery is billed as “Asia’s Richest Lottery Draw” but unlike most lotteries that have draws each week, the Japan Jumbo Draw only takes place four times a year. However with a minimal number of draws each week winners are looking at impressive prizes. Tickets for the draws are sold exclusively by the Mizuho bank and only for a limited time before each draw and if you want to be an Asia Millions winner you need to buy tickets as soon as possible.

The odds of winning the Japan Jumbo Draw are 1 in 8 and the prizes pools for each draw are shown below:

Draw: Held in: Prize Pool
Green March ¥23.9B (US$292M)
Dream June ¥38.34B (US$385M)
Summer August ¥46.53B (US$526M)
Year-End December ¥105B (US$1.3B)

Mark Six Lottery – China

The Mark Six Lottery in China is played on a 6/49 matrix meaning that players have to pick 6 numbers from 49 to play. In the actual draw seven numbers are actually drawn, the seventh being known as the “Extra number”. This extra number comes into play in this Asian Lottery for 2nd, 4th and 6th division prizes as per the table below:

Prize Numbers Jackpot
1st division Match all 6 draw numbers Guraranteed KH$5 million but varies based on ticket sales,
rollover or Snowball
2nd division Match 5 draw numbers
and the 'Extra'
Varies dependant on ticket sales
3rd division Match 5 draw numbers Varies dependant on ticket sales
4th division Match 4 draw numbers
and the 'Extra'
Guaranteed HK$4,800
5th division Match 4 draw numbers Guaranteed HK$320
6th division Match 3 draw numbers
and the 'Extra'
Guaranteed HK$160
7th division Match 3 draw numbers Guaranteed HK$20

These are just two of the Asian Lotteries available, there are many more available from different countries Play mobile games